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I. Attach Importance to Actual Effect, Display Efficiency, and Build Harmonious Spiritual Culture Home
 Enterprise media is the battle position for publicizing enterprise development, the window for displaying excellent enterprise image and the adhesive for strengthening the cohesive force and centripetal force of staff. Through making a success of “one newspaper and one website”, the company strives to provide abundant and exquisite intellectual food and cultural feast for staff, enhance the attraction, influence and emotional appeal of enterprise culture, and motivate staff to love the party, the country, the people, the enterprise and one’s post.
1. Guide people with model and mold enterprising enterprise spirit. Shoulder the mission of creating model, uphold healthy atmosphere, and sing the main vocal aloud, regularly report the exemplary deeds of models workers and pacemakers on factory newspaper, factory magazine and Gaogang TV station, and educate people and influence people through publicizing models and upholding models so as to arouse the dedicated and struggling working enthusiasm and devotion spirit of all staff.
2. Nurture people with art and foster high-quality enterprise staff. Talent is the important productivity of enterprise development, and staff quality is the decisive factor of long-term enterprise development. The group gives full display to enterprise media, the publicizing platform, and promotes the cultural level and art taste of staff through various modes. For example, the company has ordered all kinds of newspapers and magazines and set up newspaper and periodical gallery. On one hand, it provides field for staff to enjoy literature and writing; on the other hand, it provides high-quality literary and artistic works for staff to appreciate, improving the aesthetic taste and cultural quality of staff.
3. Affect people with culture and build harmonious and happy enterprise home. The company constantly makes innovation in the development thought of enterprise media, perfectly combines the publicity and readability of enterprise media, and strives to create excellent enterprise culture with Rica characteristic. Through several times of revision and innovation, Rica newspaper and Rica optics magazine, by right of massive, abundant and fresh contents as well as brisk, attractive and grand appearance, have won the favor of staff and become spiritual culture home worthy of the name. When the newspaper and magazine come out each time, people pass them around for perusal and compete for one glimpse. As the saying “flower blooming inside a wall is smelt outside” goes, many visitors are very interested in our newspaper and highly praise them, and some even leave their addresses for regular free booking.
II. Care for Staff, Hold Activities and Create Warm Enterprise Culture Atmosphere
As enterprise culture publicity displays the soft power of group, we strengthen the education of enterprise spirit and enterprise philosophy on staff besides making a success of “one newspaper, one magazine, one website”. Through the Home of Staff, we actively hold rich and colorful recreational and sports activities, cultivate the sense of identity and sense of responsibility of staff to the enterprise, and create warm and harmonious enterprise culture atmosphere.
1. Actively hold recreational and sports activities and strengthen cohesive force and centripetal force. During holidays such as the Mid-autumn Festival and the New Year’s Day, the company holds activities such as “Happy Mid-autumn Festival”, variety show, staff sports meeting, knowledge contest, opusculum contest, and karaoke competition. The staff enthusiastically takes part in the activities and the spare-time culture life of the company is unprecedentedly active. Till now, the company has successively held 3 mid-autumn evening parties and 3 Christmas parties.
2. Care for staff and allow all staff to feel the warmth of the large enterprise family. The group is extremely considerate toward staff, builds apartment-style house for newly employed undergraduates, and has various places for entertainment, learning and physical training. The company provides two free working meals for staff each day, regularly organizes physical examination on staff, issues welfare at every festival and at New Year, cares for the children of staff in entering school or kindergarten, and helps staff solve life difficulties.
“Rica Optics, my lovely home”. The ordinary and plain word comes from ordinary staff but represents that the enterprise culture of Rica takes root. It contains warmness, encouragement and harmonious beauty.

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