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Under the guidance of the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the party and scientific development perspective, and the correct leadership and strong support of governments of all levels, the company always strives to be superior, vigorously implements the strategy of developing enterprise by technology and strengthening enterprise by talent, makes great efforts to build a harmonious and saving type enterprise and forges leading large-scale advantage.

Entering the twenty-first century, we are marching toward the new milestone of enterprise development. In the journey of running toward new goal, we clearly know that the current competition environments home and broad are quite different from the past, and opportunities and challenges are unexpected. The development puts forward higher requirements on us: sustainable backup force requires the support of high-tech products, market occupancy should be guaranteed by strong quality awareness, and responsibility, credit, perseverance, innovation and keeping pace with the times are necessary basic qualities of our people and the standard of self-request.

Only with responsibility can we grasp the opportunity endowed by the history and achieve great cause; only with perseverance can we advance despite difficulties, face difficulties bravely and be invincible; only with innovation can we grasp opportunities in constantly changing environment and create new achievement; only by keeping pace with the times can we further free our minds, deepen reform, make the enterprise always keep youth, vitality and vigor, and constantly climb new peak.

Future competition is competition over talent and knowledge, and the future world belongs to people makes constant improvement and bold innovation. Facing the impact and baptism of the knowledge economy tide sweeping across the globe, the company, with broad mind and urgent need of talents and under the philosophy of “Respect Knowledge and Respect Talent”, sincerely welcomes the joining of people of vision and senior talent to jointly create the bright future of Rica.

Latest Notices

    • 2019-9-18
    • The 2019 SILMO Exhibition (Booth No.:HALL6 R050)Details>>

    • 2019-2-12
    • The 2019 MIDO FAIR (Booth No.:C07-C09 HALL 5)Details>>

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